Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The following policy statement explains how Fallowfields Falconry, trading as Millets Falconry Centre, protects the privacy of information transmitted over the internet from its website visitors. Fallowfields Falconry takes the privacy of its website visitors and course attendees seriously and is committed to safeguarding user information in full compliance with law, as described in this privacy policy, which explains among other things the personal information that Fallowfields Falconry collects from users of Fallowfields Falconry and the protections employed by Fallowfields Falconry in safeguarding such personal information.

Non-personal data

Fallowfields Falconry collects some generic information automatically, solely to help Fallowfields Falconry determine the success and usefulness of its website. This generic information, which does not reveal the identity of the visitor, includes: the country of origin, time spent on the website, most and least popular pages, browser and operating system and the originating website of the visitor. This information aids Fallowfields Falconry improve its services by enhancing more popular areas of the website.

Personal data

Fallowfields Falconry only obtains specific data about its website visitors when such data is supplied voluntarily, e.g. when website visitors send contact enquiries or place a booking. Fallowfields Falconry then uses the data for the purpose of fulfilling the visitors’ requests. Fallowfields Falconry only collect personal data that are adequate, relevant and not excessive given the purposes for which they are collected.


Fallowfields Falconry’s website employs “cookies”. Cookies are small segments of text that are transmitted to a visitor’s web browser and which store information on the visitor’s hard drive. This information is later transmitted back to the server that originally sent it to the visitor upon a later visit to that site. Cookies allow servers to recall previous transactions to avoid repetition in data gathering. A visitor can configure their software, usually with their web browser to make notification when they receive a cookie. The visitor can refuse it. However, should the visitor refuse the cookie, this may cause certain features within the site not to work properly. Fallowfields Falconry’ cookies reflect identifying information about each visitor and retain certain non-identifying information about the user’s use of the website.
Cookies cannot be used to obtain other information from your hard disk

Data protection

Fallowfields Falconry will not sell or reveal information obtained about its visitors to anyone outside of Fallowfields Falconry unless: authorised by the visitor, it is legally required, or such disclosure is required to protect the safety of employees, visitors, customers, or property. Fallowfields Falconry does not send junk (spam) email, although in some instances, when Fallowfields Falconry wishes to contact customers via email, respond to messages, or transmit information requested by a visitor, Fallowfields Falconry will use email.

Revision of privacy policy

Fallowfields Falconry reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time without notice and with immediate, retroactive effect on all User information previously collected. Each visitor agrees to review the website regularly for changes in the privacy policy, and agrees to consent in advance to such changes.

Fallowfields Falconry wants its visitors and customers to feel that their privacy will be protected when the visitor submits an enquiry online.

Contact Information

Enquiries about this privacy policy, or comments or communications regarding it, including requests for deletion or correction of user information, may be directed by email.